The Orchards of Tree-Mendus Fruit
Await your Group

From blossom time in early May until the last apple of frosty October, Mother Nature offers her very best at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm.

We first opened Tree-Mendus Fruit to visitors in 1969. Since then, thousands of people have toured our rolling farmland and enjoyed the fruits of our orchards. Tree-Mendus Fruit is a 500-acre working fruit farm … a recreation area, and a nature preserve. Close your eyes and imagine riding comfortably along winding farm roads. The sun warms your face, and everywhere you look you see the wonders of nature. As visitors tour the farms 500 acres, an orchard guide will explain how our fruit is grown, ripened and harvested. We provide a unique experience, a blend of rustic nature with the conveniences tour groups demand. Tree-Mendus Fruit is a 3rd generation owned and operated farm and we like to keep the family atmosphere in everything we do.

The Guided Orchard Tour to suite your groups needs

Your guide will ride along on your coach to tell you about the farm, it’s geology and history and a little about why we raise so many fine fruits at this northern latitude.

If you prefer an open-air excursion around the farm, you may leave your coach and settle into the cushioned seats of our comfortable Country “Folkswagon” for your guided tour. This unique wagon has a roof too, so even a summer shower won’t dampen your spirits.

You can also try your hand at harvesting whatever is in season, apples, cherries, or peaches. Containers to hold your harvest are provided.

If your plan is to be here around lunch time, you may include a delicious home-cooked dinner. It’s truly country-style chicken with all the trimmings – including a fruit dessert. If you don’t want a whole meal, choose our “Cherry Brite Waffle Boat” or one of our home made “Gary’s Pie Squares”, a delicious dessert that comes with a cup of our own apple cider or hot coffee.

You will also have the opportunity to stop at our Tree-Mendus Fruit Country Store. Inside you will find the freshest fruit in season that you can sample and take home if you like. You may also enjoy taking a little country home with you in the form of apple butter, fresh cider, syrups, honey and a large variety of jams, jellies, and gift items.

To schedule your group tour please call during regular business hours or feel free to e-mail us. (25-person minimum to book.)