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Sweet Cherries

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Here at Tree-Mendus we grow over 200 varieties of apples. Some favorites are Courtland, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Red & Golden Delicious, Holiday, Jonathan, McIntosh, Mutsu, Rome, Honeycrisp and many more. Harvesting of early varieites begin in September and continue through October. Having such a wide variety of apples allows us to create a special blend of apple cider like no other.

There are many people who have never tried a fresh tree ripened apricot. We are proud of our selection of varieties that extend our harvesting season and availability. Harcot, Goldrich, Sungem, Harogem, are just a few of the varieties we offer. Harvesting season begins around early July and they are available in our country store.


We grow over 15 varieties of Sweet Cherries. The harvesting season usually begins in mid-June with the Cavalier and continues through July with Hartland, Sam, Rainier, Bing and more.

Tart or Sour Cherries

Tart Cherry harvest begins in July with Montmorency, and continues with the Balaton, Surefire, North Star and Meteor. These are great for pies, fresh eating, jam and jelly and easy to freeze. Pitting facilities are on the farm.


Nectarines are sometimes regarded as the “fuzz-less” peach. Many people consider them to be even sweeter and juicer with a subtle distinction in flavor. Harvesting begins in mid-July and continues into September.


Plum harvest begins in early July with Early Golden, Methley, and Shiro. The season extends through August all the way into October with the Italian varieties. Yes! We have the “Bubble Gum Plum”.

Our Tree-Mendus Fruit




There is nothing like biting into a tree-ripened peach and experiences the intense flavor and texture. Not to mention all the juice that runs down your chin. Peach harvest starts during mid-July with the early varieties and continues through Labor Day.

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We have over 25 varieties of pears to choose from. Beginning in August with the Morrettini, Harrow Delight, Moon Glow, Bartlett, Bosc and more. Harvesting season extends through September and October.


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