Bring a little bit of country into your home.

More and more of our friends who have visited our farm have been calling to ask us to prepare gift baskets or special orders of fresh fruit, jams, jellies, toppings and other items from our orchards and country market.

We've selected some of the most popular items from our country market and put together a selection of samplers, gift baskets and other items that we think will bring memories of country air and summer sunshine into your home at any time of the year.

Cherry Brite®

“Brite” is the best way to describe the intense cherry flavor of this multi-purpose topping made from cherries grown on the farm. Not too sweet, but definitely a waker-upper, it’s our own recipe. Originally developed as a pancake and waffle topping, but excellent as a dessert topping too.
It is our all-time Country Market best seller!  Try it on ice cream,
cheese cake, pancake's, or on your favorite dessert.  You will only find Cherry Brite sold at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm.

available sizes
1/2 pint...........$5.00
1 pint..............$9.00
1 quart............$15.75
(price does not include shipping & handling)

Grandma Zindel’s Sweet Pickles

These pickles still taste the way Liz remembers from when her mother put them up every year. Real country goodness handed
down over the generations.

available sizes
1/2 pt..........$5.60
(price does not include shipping & handling)

Copper Kettle Apple Butters

Many of our friends and visitors recall with pleasure their first experience with our own Copper Kettle Apple Butter—catching the scent of the simmering apples in the copper kettle as they entered the farm, taking their turn stirring the big maple paddle as the delectable sauce browned and thickened to perfection, maybe sampling a bit of the hot butter in the fresh autumn breezes. Now you can taste that experience whenever you’d like original recipe or with cinnamon.  We know you’ll be back for more of this long-time favorite!  No sugar added!

available with or without cinnamon
1/2 pint..........$4.75
1 pint..............$6.75
(price does not include shipping & handling)

Apricot Jam

A home canning recipe using Tree-Mendus Fruit apricots.

available in 1/2 pint.....$5.00
(price does not include shipping & handling)

Apricot Gold A Butter

Apricot Gold is a pure fruit butter made from our Tree-Mendus apricots and sugar.  The apricots are cooked into a fruit butter the old, slow, copper-kettle way, condensing the rich apricot flavor as the butter thickens.  Costs a little more than jam, and worth it!

available in 1/2 pint.....$5.50
(price does not include shipping & handling)

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