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Nectarines are sometimes regarded as the "fuzz-less" peach. Many people consider them to be even sweeter and juicier with a subtle distinction in flavor that's all their own. Nectarine harvesting begins in mid July with the June Glo variety followed by the Anderbeaut, Hardired, Flavortop, Redgold and Fantasia lasting through August and into September.

Please keep in mind that mother nature has a way of speeding up or slowing down the ripening process so if you want a more detailed date on u-picking, or fresh picked shipping please contact us closer to the date of harvest.


Tree-Mendus Fruit Pick-of-the-Crop

You can pick from more than 300  kinds and varieties of fruit produced on our farm! Tree-Mendus Fruit Pick-of-the-Crop is hand-picked and specially packaged to ensure the fruit arrives at your door farm-fresh. Sweet, tangy or tart ... for eating out-of-hand, home canning or baking in pies and pastries ... for dipping in caramel or bobbing in buckets — you’re assured that each and every piece of Tree-Mendus Fruit fruit meets our personal quality standards.

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