Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm Family Tree Orchard Procedures
Thank you for your interest in a Family Tree Membership.  We have many apple varieties and tree sizes from which to choose.  We look forward to your membership in our Family Tree!
How to choose your Family Apple Tree: 
Call the office for an appointment (269-782-7101, see "Hours") to visit the orchard and personally make your selection, or let us know the price range and variety you prefer; and we will be glad to make a selection for you.
Apple Varieties available:
Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Jonagold, Jonathan, Red Rome, McIntosh and Holiday

Tree size:
Sizes range from dwarfed (6-8 feet tall), semi-dwarfed to standard sized trees (20 feet tall).

Tree prices:
$30 to $150 (Contract minimum $75)

Contract deadline:
July 1 of each year. Special! We will deduct 10% from the established value when payment is received prior to March 1 of the current year.  If you want to renew a contract for a specific tree please do so by July 1st. 

You may not get a billing from us for your Family Tree renewal contract so it is a good idea to renew your contract prior to leaving after harvesting each year.

How we establish tree rental prices…
Prices are based on a tree’s 5-year estimated average production, and the variety, size, shape, condition and location of each tree. We cannot guarantee that a tree you select will produce a certain volume or quality of fruit. Every year we have to consider what mother nature gives us, however we only rent trees that are healthy and producing.  We've tried to be as accurate as possible, but if you have a concern, please bring it to our attention.

Who takes care of your tree?
We perform all normal cultural practices except thinning and harvesting. Some years, excess fruit may develop on certain trees and thinning is suggested in order to obtain good-sized fruit at harvest time. Also, some imperfect apples may be removed which improves overall quality. The best time for thinning to take place is during late June or July. We will be glad to instruct you as to how to do this.

Visiting your Family Tree…
Stop at the Tree-Mendus Fruit Country Store office during regular business hours to obtain an Orchard Pass. (If you must harvest your tree outside regular business hours, please contact us in advance to obtain a special orchard permit for that day.)

Present your Family Tree Membership Card. You will receive your Membership Card as you pay for your trees. (If you send someone to pick from your tree, be sure they have written authorization from you.)

Return the Orchard Pass as you leave.

When to harvest…
Apple harvest season is generally late September and early October , but Mother Nature has a way of speeding up or slowing down the ripening process.  Call for a Ripe-N-Ready Report before you come to pick or check our
Ripe-N-Ready report here on the web.

Apples remaining on trees after Tree-Mendus Fruit closes for the season are considered abandoned, unless a special extended season permit is obtained in advance.

Picnics: Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the private area maintained for that purpose.

Containers: You should bring your own but we have some available for a nominal charge.

Ladders: Generally available in orchard in limited quantity. Use at your own risk. Please ask for instruction on their use and be considerate of others.

 Phone:  269-782-7101 or 877-863-3276     Fax:   269-782-7166
9351 E. Eureka Rd, Eau Claire, MI 49111

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