If you are looking for a specific fruit to pick or purchase call ahead to make sure it is available.  Mother nature has a way of speeding up or slowing down the ripening process.  If you don't want to miss your favorites, call ahead or check the web for the Ripe-N-Ready report.  You may also want to check our Fruit Ripening Chart.
If you want to bring your own container to hold your fresh harvest, you may.  We do have some available for you at a small fee. Please check with the orchard attendant before harvesting so they may weigh your "empty" container.  After harvesting we weigh your fruit but subtract for the container.  During apple harvesting we do supply 1 bag per 1/2 bushel of apples harvested.
It is always good to bring an extra cooler with you just in case you purchase our fresh Apple Cider or have some tart cherries pitted.  They travel better when kept cold.

Before entering the Country Store upon arrival at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm, have your license plate number in mind (or on paper) for the U-pick registration form you will need to fill out once inside. This will save you from going back out to the parking lot to get your number.

At Tree-Mendus Fruit we have picnic grounds available for you.   You can bring your own picnic supplies for the family to enjoy.  Besides the fresh fruit available for snacking, we do make our famous cherry waffle boats for you to enjoy.  This comes with a cup of coffee or fresh apple cider.  Gary also makes Cherry or Apple pie squares.

We do have the country store for shelter but don't forget to listen to the forecast so you can dress for the weather. In the fall we also have a fire place lit to warm up with.  Guests really enjoy a hot cup of cider and a crackling fire after harvesting their fruit in the fall.  Here is a link to check the weather in southwest Michigan, http://www.weather.gov/

Please remember that we are on Michigan time, sometimes we are on a different time than our guests comming from Illinois or Indiana.  We open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m. The orchard closes at 5:30 p.m.  Please check before making your journey, that you will arrive in time to do your harvesting and any other activities you wish here at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm.  During the spring and summer hours, we are closed on Tuesdays.

*Eastern Daylight Savings Time

*For what Ripe-N-Ready for U-Pick or Shipping see the Ripe-N-Ready Report.

 Phone:  269-782-7101 or 877-863-3276     Fax:   269-782-7166
E-Mail:  contactus@treemendus-fruit.com

9351 E. Eureka Rd, Eau Claire, MI 49111

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